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To provide a platform for business connections & information within Dubai and the Belgian communities to our members.


The Belgian Business Council's main objective is to provide a platform where members can network, obtain & share information within the member community and the local authorities in Dubai & United Arab Emirates.  



The Belgian Business Council Dubai welcomes you to our "Belgian Business Connection” page to help you improve your relationships & information gathering through our network.  Over the years Dubai has become a very dynamic business environment - located in complex UAE - where we all know it’s hard to understand the different drivers or have a complete overview of all the projects, initiatives or people. Our board consists of prominent Belgian business leaders in the UAE with many connections in different sectors.  Our aim is to supply you with useful information from every angle of the business environment, such as government information, information on projects or just putting you in contact with the right people. This will happen through newsletters, breakfast presentations, member gatherings and visits of prominent leaders to share information and get connected.  


We wish you a great discovery of our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to become a member of our organisation. We offer memberships both for Dubai/UAE companies as well as for companies with no representation yet in Dubai but would like to remain connected & informed (please check our overseas membership offer and benefits).


We are looking forward to meeting you on one of our events.

The Board of the Belgian Business Council


Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by many different committed and passionate people all working together for a cause. That is the secret.