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To provide a platform for business connections & information within Dubai and the Belgian communities to our members.


The Belgian Business Council's main objective is to provide a platform where members can network, obtain & share information within the member community and the local authorities in Dubai & United Arab Emirates.  


The Belgian Business council idea was created in 2008 by Wim Bonjean. In co-operation with the Trade Commissioners of FIT and AWEX and the Belgian Embassy a common ground was found and the stage for the Belgian Business Council was set. The team started to work on a platform for Belgian related Business Networking. It was only in July 2011, with the support of the Belgian Embassy, the BBC obtained its license and became an official organization, moving towards growing its networking platform and services to its members. Since, the Belgian business council has progressed and is now an active platform with the business community in Dubai.

BBC today

Within the dynamic Dubai business environment, the Belgian Business Council is the prime networking group for doing business in Dubai & UAE with a relationship to Belgium. Besides the regular newsletter with all relevant information on what’s happening, the Council organizes an average of 1 member event per month and has a permanent office representation. In 2016 the first Belgian week was organized with the Belgian Embassy and Frank De Winne – which created a huge impact in the local community. The focus of the organization is to provide added value to our members doing business in the UAE and help them to be successful. The BBC is the link between members the official Belgian entities (Belgian Embassy, FIT, AWEX. Hub.Brussels) and the local authorities (Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Economic Department , Dubai Government).

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